Our expertise

Climate change, with the related extremes of water scarcity and water abundance, has drawn attention to the importance of sustainable, efficient and measurable water systems on a global basis. Historically, water has been mispriced and widely perceived as free. Going forward, sustainable water businesses must reassess how they operate and utilize technology to drive efficiency in the water chain.

The Nomura Greentech team brings a growth and tech-enabled lense to our coverage of the Water sector, with the understanding that innovative platforms are necessary to succeed in this complex, global sector.

industry verticals

Focused on water infrastructure and innovative “smart-water” solutions that address the needs of water infrastructure in the context of climate change, growing populations, fragmented markets and water abundance / scarcity

Utilities / Services
  • Regulated / unregulated

  • Rental / outsourced services

Engineering / Consulting
  • EPC

  • Consulting

  • O&M

  • Membranes / chemicals

  • Forever chemicals / PFAS

  • Desalination

Flow / Efficiency
  • Pressure exchange

  • Energy efficiency

  • Flow control

  • Pool & spa

Smart Water
  • Digital

  • Monitoring / analytics

Recent Water transactions

    RWL Water

    Provided a valuation opinion to the Board of Directors and existing shareholders of RWL Water

    September 2015
    APT Water

    Exclusive placement agent to APT Water on its growth financing

    October 2013
    Renewable Resources Group

    Exclusive placement agent to Renewable Resources Group on its purchase of solar development, agricultural properties and related water rights

    May 2011
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