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Mobility and Automotive Technology

Our expertise

The way people and goods move is undergoing a once-in-a-lifetime transformation that will impact the future of mobility. This transformation provides risks and opportunities for both emerging and incumbent businesses. As business models evolve, consumer preferences change, legacy technologies are electrified and artificial intelligence increases efficiency through automation across the mobility and automotive landscape, we are focused on advising companies through this rapid change to a more sustainable future.

Nomura Greentech is at the forefront of this transition and evolution with both emerging and incumbent companies. Our relationship-first approach is focused on working with companies as they look to capitalize on new business models and technologies. Our capital and advisory services cover the entirety of the mobility and automotive technology ecosystem.

industry verticals

Focused on six sub-sectors, targeting both incumbents and innovators in each sub-sector

Vehicle OEMs and Suppliers
  • Passenger and commercial vehicle OEMs

  • Tier 1s / 2s

  • Auto-technology suppliers

  • Battery technology

Safety, Autonomy and Sensors
  • Perception technologies

  • Mapping and simulation

  • Advanced driver-assistance system

Connected Vehicle Systems
  • Telematics

  • Cybersecurity

  • Data services

Fleets and Shared Mobility
  • Trucking / fleet management

  • Subscription and on-demand services

  • Micromobility

  • Charging

  • Parking

  • Intelligent transportation system

Non-road / Specialty Applications
  • Air / rail

  • Specialty vehicles

  • Logistics / robotics