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Environmental Services and Technologies

Our expertise

Better management of our waste processes and systems is a key driver in ensuring a more sustainable global economy. The resulting trend to circularity, materials capture, and reuse is driving value within traditional waste systems.

Nomura Greentech’s extensive experience in waste and recycling services, technology and infrastructure, and our long-term and ongoing relationships with clients and counterparties have established Nomura Greentech as a leading advisory firm in the Environmental Services and Technologies sector.

industry verticals

Focused on establishing a circular economy through sound environmental stewardship, waste management, recycling, and recovering resources otherwise destined for landfills

Battery Recycling
  • Lithium battery recycling

  • Lead-acid battery recycling

  • End-of-life battery management

  • Battery collection

Medical Waste
  • Medical waste disposal

  • Medical waste management

  • Biohazardous waste

  • Radioactive waste disposal

  • Nuclear facility decommissioning

  • Nuclear waste management

  • Pyrolysis

  • Mechanical recycling

  • Sustainable packaging

Renewable Natural Gas
  • RNG derived from landfill, organic and water treatment waste streams

Solid Waste
  • Municipal solid waste

  • Construction and demolition waste

  • Resource recovery

Specialty Waste / Hazardous Waste
  • Industrial, hazardous, and specialty waste services

  • Ecological restoration and remediation

  • Emergency preparedness and response

  • Specialty cleaning

Sustainable / Environmental Consulting
  • ESG consulting and engineering

  • Climate change impact planning and mitigation

Waste Sorting / Robotics
  • AI-powered waste sorting robots

  • Digital analytic tools for waste management

Waste to Energy
  • Waste-to-fuel

  • Waste-to-energy gasification technology

  • Biomass-to-energy