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Energy Technology and Services

Our expertise

Energy is undergoing a transformational shift driven by increased penetration of renewable generation and energy storage upstream, the aging of grid infrastructure and proliferation of digital solutions in the midstream, and growth of behind-the-meter energy solutions downstream. At the same time, large enterprises are increasingly seeking tech-enabled decarbonization solutions that span advisory, data and analytics, and procurement of offsets and other environmental commodities to achieve net zero goals.

Nomura Greentech is a leading advisor to innovative companies enabling energy transition across the energy value chain. Our clients provide software, services and hardware systems to generation and storage (solar, batteries, hydrogen), utility transmission and distribution networks, and to corporate, industrial and consumer end users of energy.

Nomura Greentech has executed many landmark sell side, buy side, and late-stage capital formation transactions for global market leaders defining the energy transition.

industry verticals

Focused on energy services and technology for four large end markets

Distributed Energy Tech and Services
  • Energy Efficiency

  • Industrial Electrification

  • Smart Buildings and Homes

Grid and Utility Tech and Services
  • Grid Technology and Equipment

  • Utility Services

  • Utility Software

Renewable Energy Tech and Services
  • Solar Energy Systems and Services

  • Battery Energy Storage Systems

  • Hydrogen Technology

  • Renewable Asset Software and Services

Sustainability and Carbon Solutions
  • Energy and Environmental Markets

  • Sustainability Software

  • Carbon Consulting