Building and Sustainable Products
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Building and Sustainable Products

Our expertise

Nomura Greentech is committed to helping traditional industrial companies transition towards sustainability and digitalization. We have deep industry expertise and can help management teams navigate critical sector themes such as material conversion, energy efficiency, outdoor living, water conservation and the circular economy.

The Building and Sustainable Products team at Nomura Greentech offers a full suite of advisory and financing capabilities to our clients across four sub-sectors: Building Products and Materials, Specialty Distribution, Engineered Products and Traditional and Innovative Packaging. We offer our services to all companies across all stages of the business life cycle, and our clients include large-cap public companies, sponsor-backed companies and family-owned businesses.

industry verticals

Focused on a comprehensive group of companies in building and sustainable products as they navigate the sustainable transition

Building Products and Materials
  • Outdoor living (decking, fencing, railing, pergolas)

  • Exterior products (roofing, siding, windows, doors)

  • Interior products (plumbing, flooring, cabinets, engineered surfaces, paints)

  • Building envelope (water proofing, insulation)

  • Construction chemicals (adhesives, sealants)

  • Eco-friendly heavy-side materials (green cement, aggregates, concrete)

  • Power and hand tools

Specialty Distribution and Services
  • Distributors of branded products to the residential, commercial and infrastructure markets

  • Home services (HVAC, pool, roofing, landscaping)

  • Design and installation services

Engineered Products / Industrial Technology
  • HVAC

  • Filtration

  • Flow control

  • Access technologies

Traditional and Innovative Packaging
  • Formats: rigid and flexible

  • Substrates: resin, bioplastics, non-plastic alternatives, metal, fiber and glass

  • End markets: consumer, food and beverage, medical, industrial and chemical

  • Value chain: converters, distributors, turnkey service providers and circular business models

Water Technology and Equipment
  • Pool and spa

  • Water treatment