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AgTech and Sustainable Food

Our expertise

AgTech and Sustainable Food is a key component of the broader global sustainability transition. The agri-food value chain currently represents ~25% of global greenhouse emissions. Investments in AgTech and Sustainable Food have reached record levels driven by technological advancements and underpinned by the massive market opportunity.

AgTech and Sustainable Food technologies range from cultivated and fermented protein, through ag robotics and farm management software, to gene editing and biological crop inputs, through vertical farms and greenhouses.  These technologies are playing an increasing role in addressing global food security and sustainability challenges.

With a dedicated team of senior bankers across the globe, Nomura Greentech has extensive experience helping innovative AgTech and Sustainable Food clients raise growth capital and find strategic partners to enable them to accelerate their growth.

industry verticals

Focused on sustainable technologies with a transformational angle across the agri-food supply chain

Controlled Environment Agriculture
  • Vertical farms, greenhouses, infrastructure and technology

Ag Bioscience
  • Crop protection, crop nutrition, next-gen seeds, gene editing

Ag Robotics and Precision Ag
  • Autonomous farming equipment and Ag robotics

  • Precision applications, field monitoring, pollination, farm management, irrigation 

AnimalTech and AquaTech
  • Aquaculture, nutrition / feed, animal health, livestock management

Ag Fintech
  • Digital marketplace, financing solutions

Fermented Protein
  • Precision fermentation, myco protein, microalgae, toll-fermentation

Cultivated Protein
  • Cultivated cell-based technologies and infrastructure focused on meat, seafood, fat, and alternative dairy applications 

  • Ingredient origination, processing technology

Insect Protein
  • Black soldier fly, mealworm, cricket

Plant-Based Protein
  • Ingredients and other proprietary technologies supporting the plant-based foods industry