Our culture

As the sustainable advisory arm of Nomura, we are passionate about growing innovative businesses that change the world. Our culture puts clients at the center of everything we do. We go the extra mile to seek out creative solutions that help innovators and incumbents navigate the 21st century megatrends of decarbonization, digitalization and resource efficiency to create value for investors and the planet. Our motto is “none of us is as smart as all of us” and we believe that our work ethic, intellectual rigor and relentless global teamwork enable us to help our clients accelerate the essential transition to a sustainable global economy.

Experienced professionals

We are always looking for the best and brightest talent to join our team. We nurture a collaborative and entrepreneurial environment that is empowered by the diversity of thought and experiences of our colleagues. Our professionals are intelligent, hardworking, and dedicated to changing the way the world does business. They have chosen Nomura Greentech to ensure an impactful career characterized by continuous learning, growth, and development.

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Students and graduates

Our entry-level professionals choose a Nomura Greentech career knowing that our entrepreneurial culture provides best-in-class training to enhance their professional journey. Our Summer and Full Time Analyst and Associate programs offer a unique, hands-on learning experience. Your career at Nomura Greentech delivers live deal exposure and the ability to work alongside senior bankers and clients. Our Analysts and Associates participate in a global training program and benefit from ongoing career development opportunities to advance their skills and support lasting mentor relationships.

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Nomura Greentech Graduates

Nomura Greentech offers rewarding and robust career opportunities at all stages. Some of our colleagues move on to other challenges after receiving our exceptional training and directly impacting our clients’ success. We are a rigorous and inclusive meritocracy, and have many examples of bankers joining us as an Analyst or Associate and rising to become a Managing Director. But for those who seek other career experiences, they find a wealth of future opportunities as a Nomura Greentech Graduate.

%Still focused on sustainability
  • %In investment management
  • %In financial services / start-ups / growth companies
  • %In other companies
%Outside of sustainability
  • %Growth companies
  • %PE, VC, other Investment Management
  • %Other Financial Services
  • %Business School

We work hard for our clients to deliver differentiated excellence and exceptional outcomes. In return, we invest in our people and give them the skills for life-long business success. We offer a unique career experience for graduates and experienced professionals focused on self-actualizing and career development.

Why is a Nomura Greentech career different?

Technical Skills and Sector Expertise

Opportunity to develop strong technical skills, as well as deep sector knowledge and understanding of the growth opportunities driven by the sustainability transition.

Global Connectivity

Opportunity to be part of a truly global team covering innovators, incumbents and investors. We provide clients with multiple pathways to succeed through a deeper relationship network.

Lead the Industry Disruption

Opportunity to work with leading edge sustainable technology innovators disrupting our energy, transportation, food, water and waste infrastructure systems, and advise incumbents that are transforming their business models to take advantage of the tremendous growth opportunities driven by decarbonization, digitalization and resource efficiency.

Positive Impact

Opportunity to contribute to the fight against climate change and resource depletion, while making a positive impact.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Nomura Greentech we attach great importance to diversity because diversity of talent and thought creates high-performing teams and better results for our clients. We want every employee to feel valued and trusted to fulfil their potential.

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